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Leonardo Díaz Is a Mexican plastic artist. His works are made using oil, watercolors, acrylic, pastel, charcoal and others techniques. He has participated in individual and collective exhibition in Mexico and abroad, where his talent and art have been recognised.

Born in Mazatlán Sinaloa in 1969, in 1980 he moved to La Paz, Baja, where, being just a little child he discovered the charming of paintings. He joined the painting workshop held by the State Culture Hall, where, under the direction of his master Armando Manriquez, his life changed radically and for the first time he was facing the world of the art, presenting his first individual exhibition at the young age of 16.

When he was a teenager he practiced drawing and painting and finally studied Graphic Design at Guadalajara Autonomous University, were he received an honorable mention. Under the direction of his master Emilio Galindo, he participated to various courses at the Watercolor hall in Guadalajara.

As well as his easel painting work, his fascination for oversized works allowed him to produce a relevant number of murals in different spaces such as hotels, residence, restaurants and public areas. He taught drawing, Illustration and serigraphy at International University of La Paz and at Mundial University.